Fast update since Comiket’s next month and that’s another heavy load.

  • Let me get this out of my system – YESSSSS LWA TV ANIME, GOD BLESS YOSHINARI.
  • Nanoha is getting one new anime. Two new anime? But one isn’t Nanoha. It’s also not the sequel to that other spinoff, despite kinda sharing its title. No it’s not the movie they announced either. What movie? What’s a Nanoha. Help.
  • A lot of people predicted a No Game No Life sequel and are currently cursing themselves for specifying it would be a TV series rather than the movie it’s getting.
  • After releasing enough chapters to eventually be able to compile another volume of the manga, Togashi’s putting HxH on hiatus again. Which would sound cynical if he weren’t sort of dying from back pain.
  • Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka? AKA SukaSuka is getting an anime. I heard this one’s a surprisingly interesting LN, but please keep your titles to one entire sentence at most.
  • UQ Holder anime you say? When has an Akamatsu adaptation gone wro- oh.
  • Masamune-kun no Revenge is getting an anime adaptation as well, and all I’m asking is that it keeps the chapter where a girl cosplays as Cure Black.
  • Mamoru Oshii is back to anime and the results so far are so underwhelming I’m boycotting any punchline.
  • Crunchyroll will start releasing BD/DVD, effectively mocking the home media industry they sort of killed. The anime overlords are merciless.
  • BUMP singing the opening and ending for the upcoming Sangatsu anime might be the least surprising but most satisfying news this month.
  • Mandatory sales predictions update: Jojo is underperforming as some people expected. Why do you make me type this.

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