Shorter summary only highlighting some things this month, because unexciting updates make me lazy.

  • Honestly, nothing all that big this mon- Oh. New Cardcaptor Sakura anime. Well. Nevermind.
  • A new Digimon multimedia series could also be considered huge, though it has less of an impact with Tri already existing. At least we get to laugh at their attempt to modernize the franchise being called “Appmon” and featuring “Gachamon”. Truly the Digimon of our times.
  • And Nisekoi is finally ending! That is, unless its readers/victims are about to experience the biggest fakeout in anime history and they plan to continue it in another magazine. Which… they wouldn’t, right. Right?
  • Violet Evergarden is getting an anime, as announced by a very flashy commercial. Who’d have thought that the only grand prize winner at the KyoAni Awards (which once again gave no actual prizes this year, also as predicted by someone) would get an adaptation.
  • Time Bokan 24 will be replacing Ace Attorney and airing this fall season. Seems like the least experimentative recent Tatsunoko reboot, perhaps someone wasn’t all that happy about Yoru no Yatterman’s poor sales.
  • Yuki Hayashi keeps trying to take over the anime industry with cool BGM and he’s already up to 3 new TV series, aside from the upcoming One Piece film.
  • The Weird MMD Anime niche has been rewarded with a new Koutarou Ishidate series, about… Mahou Shoujo? I’m not the one doubting, the ? is in the title.

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