I really wish I had a funnier joke than “Urobuchi’s project was chinese puppets“.

  • Someone technically had a point before the ballots post even went up, thanks to the Magic of Stella anime announcement. Talk about fast.
  • It’s not quite Barakamon, but its spinoff prequel Handa-kun is getting an anime. Sadly lacking in Naru, but good nonetheless.
  • Keijo!!!!!!!! is also getting an anime adaptation, as well as the award for the most overly enthusiastic title.
  • Many people predicted Osomatsu-san would sell outrageously well, yet no one actually called it’d be one of the best selling volumes of all time.
  • The Mob Psycho 100 staff reveal fulfilled many staff wishlists, what’s with Tachikawa directing and Kameda being in charge of the character designs. Somehow even better than the Natsume&co dreams.
  • Speaking of staff, Imaishi’s new short series Space Patrol Luluco also surprised us by featuring more big Trigger names than expected.
  • Aikatsu’s mobage Photokatsu finally managed to launch this February… just in time for the leaks that the series is getting rebooted. Only Bandai could manage this.
  • Speaking of disasters, remember Kancolle Kai? The PS Vita port that got delayed about a million times? It’s finally being released! A lot of time well spent to make sure it had an even cheaper looking interface than its free to play source.
  • And to end on that somber note, “people predict anime will sell awfully” returns for 2016. The first victim was Comet Lucifer, which barely pushed more than 300 copies.

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