Somehow this is already the 4th iteration of this silly contest, time really does fly. No fundamental changes this year – you only need to send 9 anime related predictions, accompanied by your reasoning of why you chose them if you feel like explaining your thought process. Won’t get you extra points, but it gives you more bragging rights in case you correctly guess something. This year I’ll be using Google Forms to make submitting your ballots even easier, just fill in this survey before January 15. Those who have already sent me their lists beforehand can go ahead and resubmit them there, otherwise I’ll do it myself. The form page allows editing your responses so you’re all free to change them as much as you please before the deadline. You can contact me on twitter @Yuyucow if you have any questions about this.


  • The contest consists of two parts: the first person to reach 5 points and the grand award for the one with the most correct predictions by the end of the year.
  • Anything qualifies as long as it’s related to anime and newsworthy. New anime announcements are going to populate everyone’s lists, but anything from “Mizuki Nana to marry Yukari Tamura” to “My little sister is a Zombie becomes this decade’s top seller” is fair game. That includes western news, if they’re remarkable enough (so “Sentai licenses every show of any given season” is a no-go, but “Nozomi to release Utena’s blurays on the US” works). In any case, I’ll contact you if there’s any entry that clearly breaks this rule.
  • Predicting rumored announcements is allowed as long as there hasn’t been an official source mentioning them beforehand, but participants are encouraged to be brave with their guesses. Sure to happen news kill the fun, and anyone who goes overboard with those will be asked to change their list.
  • Since it happened multiple times last year – don’t worry if one of your predictions comes true before the 15th, it obviously won’t count but you can send a replacement. And yes, as of writing this in 2016 it’s already happened.

As usual, good luck everyone! Newcomers are welcome, no expertise is required to have fun with this.