And so Anime Bingo 2015 ends, with all participants realizing that the real award was the friends we made along the way.

  • Just a quick rundown for the final update, since there are way too many things to list this time. Partly thanks to all the ‘X won’t happen within the year’ predictions, once again coming true thanks to projects like Girls Work and the last Rebuild film. Special mention to the multiple people who guessed no chapter of HxH would be published in 2015 – the first full year Togashi’s missed! Y-Yay! A bunch of staff predictions came true too, with the projects by directors like Matsuo, Shinkai and… Kishi? Ouch.

Final Scores:

7 points: liborek3

6 points: Nainko, Helltilt

5 points: Hibari, kViN, FoutonS, zetsubouzhainu, ZakuAbumi, Sanchi, Zeroblade, Time Master, Magicmew, Suzu, Katapan

4 points: CRAL, ABCBTom, shaokthx, Opn, Shinsei, cheersanime, geso, Game8910, delorean, Yuujin_A, Soulstrider, Uznare, tamerlane, Yoshi, bitmap

3 points: bednorz, Dis, FOE-tan, iblessall, Peytral, goldensneer, conan-edw, Futsuu, rootofjustice, DCSW502, Sataniel, kraker2k, Blue-kun, c001357, Tursake, Basu

2 points: Reki, jet, osama__a, HDKirin, vinhnyu, korol, Reiseng, Neidhardt, tim, deepbluejeer, crazz, sage, Kaw, Kaisos, zepwich, tuna, heartunderb1ade, seung, Fencedude, BDH, uncreative, omo, Hitokiri, jonjon

1 point: syao, hacaplus, kortir, Andrea Ritsu, quintasan, Fuyu, Phos, kastel, leafgun, funk, Divinenega

Quite pleased by how this year turned out, since the multiple long-awaited dreams that 2015 brought us – things like Kizu, Prism Nana, D-Gray Man – awarded the people who didn’t play it safe. On that note I’m still amused that in a year with a new FMP anime finally happening, no one got a point for it since all related predictions said that it wouldn’t happen still. Of course there were a bunch of high profile, popular manga like OPM and HeroAca that tons of participants predicted as well, but the LN predictions in general decreasing have made things more entertaining.

As usual, Anime Bingo 2016 will launch within the next few days, but for now let’s congratulate liborek3 for his victory!