There’s about a million people tied for #1, I think this year’s Bingo will end with a fistfight to decide the victor.

  • Ajin is a popular and gorgeous series that many anticipated an anime adaptation for, and it’s finally happening – a series of movies at that! Surely everyone’s rejoicing, right? Oh wait, it’s a full 3DCG anime by Sidonia’s crowd. Ooops.
  • 2015 is all about pretending we traveled back in time a decade, what’s with new animated Aria and Haruhi. What I’m sure even less people expected is a full new TV anime for Utawarerumono. Ray Romano’s spirit still lives underwater.
  • Ufotable’s going to produce a TV anime for Tales of Zestiria to crosspromote the PS4/PC ports of the game, but clearly the most important bit is that someone decided its official name should be ‘Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation’. Bamco pls.
  • Love Live enjoys setting records (as the recently released movie proves), and one of their recent milestones was breaking 15 million players worldwide in School Idol Festival. Idols are fearsome.
  • Aikatsu’s getting a second movie… which doesn’t really sound like an actual film but an excuse to fill a whole hour with 3DCG performances, but they’re damn good at that so let’s not complain.
  • Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo is getting an anime. It’s an LN about a useless boy sent to a fantasy, game-like world that is totally unlike the other million series about useless boys sent to fantasy, game-like worlds.

3 points: Hibari, bednorz, cheersanime, Yoshi, Dis, zetsubouzhainu, opn, FoutonS, ZakuAbumi, FOE-tan, ABCBtom

2 points: Uznare, conan-edw, Reki, Peytral, Time Master, shaokthx, liborek3, jet, bitmap, osama__a, geso, CRal, Nainko, Katapan, kViN

1 point: Helltilt, deepbluejeer, Neidthardt, c001357, Soulstrider, Kaw, rootofjustice, delorean, Game8910, vinhnyu, tim, magicmew, Yuujin A, tamerlane, crazz, syao, Sanchi, Suzu, Mochoman, Zeroblade, seung, shinsei, kraker2k, HDKirin, hacaplus, tuna, Reiseng, Tursake, Sataniel, iblessall, kortir, korol