I’d mention a lot of guesses being right this month *again*, but I’m starting to believe this is going to happen for the whole contest. Who’d have thought that’d be a consequence of everyone and their mom participating.

3 points: Hibari, bednorz, cheersanime, Yoshi, Dis, zetsubouzhainu

2 points: Uznare, Opn, FoutonS, , FOE-tan, conan-edw, Reki, Peytral, Time Master, shaokthx, liborek3, jet, bitmap, ABCBTom, osama__a, geso, ZakuAbumi, CRal, Nainko, Katapan, kViN

1 point: Helltilt, deepbluejeer, Neidthardt, c001357, Soulstrider, Kaw, rootofjustice, delorean, Game8910, vinhnyu, tim, magicmew, Yuujin A, tamerlane, crazz, syao, Sanchi, Suzu, Mochoman, Zeroblade, seung, shinsei, kraker2k, HDKirin, hacaplus, tuna, Reiseng, Tursake