84 85 86 87 people participating this year. I didn’t even know 84 85 86 87 people watched anime.

Opn: 4/9

  • Taiyou no ie announcement coming up in a couple months and I can’t see it being a spinoff/sequel so probably an anime/drama adaptation.
  • March comes in like a lion adaptation with the series getting more and more popular 2015 may be the year it finally happens. Maybe. Probably not but it doesn’t hurt to hope.
  • Another ‘old’ series will get a new season after at least 5 years After DRRR and mushishi anything is possible
  • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari aka Shieldbro anime semi popular action LN with a manga adaption already
  • Mushoku tensei I’m less confident about this one than shieldbro but it seems like an easy enough target with a good spot to end even as a bonus
  • Monster Musume anime adaptation The age of monster girls is nearly upon us and this is merely the first step
  • More Persona anime whether it be a Q/arena adaption or what I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more persona adaptions in some way
  • Further adaptions of the adventure of sinbad manga – Even if it doesn’t get a TV anime this year I wouldn’t be surprised to see more oads
  • Eromanga sensei anime adaptation Oreimo was a hit and this is doing pretty alright so far. Just need an anime to go along with it


  • Taiyou no Ie anime The world needs more feel-good shoujo adaptations
  • Love so Life anime Same, but add adorable kids to the equation
  • White Album 2 Closing Chapter anime – Can’t believe in a winter season until this story concludes!
  • Hayate no Gotoku EotW animated I want to believe. Even if it’ll suck
  • Kizu still doesn’t happen Because SHAFT
  • Index S3 Going on four years now. If not, I’ll willingly concede on any remaining hopes
  • Moster Musume anime Because people love monster girls
  • Ore ga Heroine wo Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!? anime Obligatory long title crummy plot LN entry
  • Prisma Illya 3rei anime announced at the end of 2wei HerzBecause that’s when the series goes from cute to somewhat cool


  • Nozaki-kun sequel
  • Entirely new Gundam series announcement
  • New Yuasa show announced
  • Hozuki no Reitetsu sequel
  • One-Punch Man anime announced
  • Kancolle anime sells like crazy (+50k)
  • Franchise gets cgi anime/film/ova causing fan disappointment
  • Diamond Is Unbreakable is announced
  • Still no Full Metal Panic.


  • Nozaki-kun S2 I am basing this on nothing but my own hopes and dreams
  • Dream Machine is finally finished 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 will be the year
  • Horimiya TV anime Someone do this please
  • LWA2 isn’t released in 2015 – Yoshinari can only do so much work alone
  • New Free thingy More like free points lmao
  • Everyone in A.Z will die again More l ike free points lmao
  • Jitsu wa Watashi wa anime I’m allowed to like trashy harems right?
  • No news of Jojo part 4 Let’s see if the opposite works this time
  • Taiyou no Ie anime It’s ending soon so we might actually get something complete for a change


  • The LoveLive movie BDs outsell the iM@S movie BDs at least two times over it’s been scientifically proven that lovelivers hate money
  • There will be at least one mobage-based anime per season this has been a trend lately so i wouldn’t be surprised
  • Still no Girls’ Work anime type-moon too busy swimming in pools of cash from UBW
  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S3 just believe
  • Trigger does a new original anime they probably have enough money to make a new one
  • Yurikuma flops and doesn’t even average 1,000 copies sorry ikuhara
  • Wakamoto makes his triumphant return to anime in a major (likely antagonist role) after a long period of silence it’s been far too long since he showed up so i assume he’s been busy working on stuff this year
  • Index S3 we already had railgun and the movie did well, why not
  • Yuyushiki S2 come on, make it happen kinema citrus

tim: 2/9

  • Free! movie はるかラブストーリー obviously.
  • Horimiya TV anime How the fuck doesn’t this exist already, seriously.
  • The iDOLM@STER: sideM anime Strike while the cute boy idols iron is hot.
  • SAO Alicization anime Cute boys doing cute VRMMO things.
  • KyoAni makes everyone mad by animating something focusing solely on cute boys again Free! was a good start at killing anime, but they can’t rest there forever.
  • More Yonezawa Honobu work gets animated More Hyouka seems unlikely, but I continue to faithfully pray each day.
  • Hataraku Maou-sama S2 Make it make money.
  • More Hidamari Sketch Yunocchi’s gotta graduate someday.
  • Air passes through the larynx of someone at SHAFT which makes sounds vaguely similar to the word Kizumonogatari Self-explanatory.


  • Kizumonogatari gets an announcement before June that it’ll show in early 2016. <— lmao owned nerd )
  • An announcement for an anime written/(co)directed/scenario written by Takashi Masada.
  • Urobuchi works on a fall anime series as “series creator”.
  • Three seasons in a row with Kou Yoshinari cuts.
  • Yuyushiki S2.
  • Idolmaster Million Live gets an anime announced for Winter 2015 or Spring 2016.
  • Hunter x Hunter doesn’t come out of hiatus.
  • Another season of Ai Mai Mi.
  • Girls’ Work airs in the fall season.


  • No animated Full Metal Panic continuation entire fanbase will act surprised by this and continue to be mad at KyoAni who has by that point built a small castle out of the money of otaku and fujoshi. Source: this literally happens every year.
  • Rewrite anime actually happens against all odds.
  • An animated YuYuYu spinoff/prequel/sequel.
  • Toei attempts to start their own idol series.
  • Another Gundam Build Fighters first reveals will mostly consist of “generic” character designs and shitty Okawara lineart and people will complain about both.
  • Gundam SEED Destiny revival announced which will have promotional material that crosses over with Cross Ange.
  • New Aquarion series Source: Kawamori’s been quiet for much too long.
  • Infinite Stratos 3
  • Ambitious Monster Girl Quest anime adaptation.

Time Master: 5/9

  • Berserk manga releases new chapter and then goes back to hiatus for another few months Miura stop playing with your damn idol live whatevers and go back to your manga cavehole.
  • Hikaru Sakurai’s Kerneter of the Shadows is revealed to be an amazing high budget anime OVA/Movie with unique aesthetics that is a prequel to the Steampunk VN series and how that universe’s Earth became connected to Kadath before Randolph Carter discovers itThe tinfoil hat is on and I want this project to be good. I have faith in Hikaru Sakurai.
  • New anime project for Muv-Luv series is revealed Please. Total Eclipse could have been great but it was mediocre. This is a chance to rectify past mistakes.
  • Rising of the Shield Hero has TV anime announced I think this is popular. I need a new light novel that isn’t completely obscure or dumb to put on this list.
  • Gatchaman Crowds S2 will air Soon after Tatsunoko is done with Yoru no Yatterman, they should start doing the continuation of Crowds.
  • Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou gets TV anime announcement It’s going to happen. I think Japan likes this stuff.
  • A Certain Magical Index S3 announced Battle Royale, DRAGON, and World War III arcs please. JC Staff needs more money so they should go back to a series that wasn’t terrible and sold decently.
  • More Monogatari will be animated within the year but it won’t be Kizumonogatari HAHAHAHAHA
  • More of the third Nanoha movie is shown sometime after Nanoha ViVid airs, release will be after 2015 Who cares about Vivio, give me more Nanoha and Fate action.

Shinsei: 4/9

  • More Love Live anime in some way, shape, or form They need to keep milking the franchise after the movie, so something along the lines of what puchimas was? Or maybe just a full-on S3.
  • More Wixoss anime in some way, shape, or form Since the official site said something about plans for a new media project to get more people into the card game, which is really popular in Japan.
  • More Mahouka anime light novels
  • More Index anime light novels
  • More Accel World animelight novels
  • More Nozaki-kun anime Wasn’t it quite popular in Japan? I don’t know anymore.
  • Jojo Part 4 announced Seems logical after part 3 ends
  • At least 7 anime series based off mobile games are announced I had no idea what amount to pick so I picked a number at random.
  • Kizumonogatari details/news/announcement This year’ll be the year I swear

Basu: 3/9

  • Mocho gets a main character role.THIS IS HER YEAR
  • TrySail sings an anime OP. They’re under aniplex, its gonna be like how Sphere’s Future Stream was for an anime.
  • TrySail sings an anime ED. Same as above.
  • Natsukise sequel starring TrySail. Sphere’s kouhais.
  • ML anime announced – although announcing it during the 2nd live may be too early its potentially gonna be announced during the 10th since they can bring 765 pro for this too.
  • Mocho and Kidochan stars together for an anime. MILLION LIVE
  • Honeyworks’ Boku ja dame desuka thing gets a proper anime with Mocho in it. their BD had a voiced manga thing plus some animated scenes.
  • Mocho gets a character in Jinraiger.
  • Mocho gets a solo debut, sings for a terrible anime.

FountonS: 5/9

  • Boku no Hero Academia gets TV anime.
  • Next Monogatari anime Koyomi/Owari/Third Season?
  • 3rd season of Strike Witches or new Movie actually happen.
  • Yama no Susume 3
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka 2
  • More Tales of Zestiria from ufo because I want it to happen ;_;
  • More anime with Yasuda chara designs.
  • Amamiya Sora wins best voice actress or best rookie award at 9th Seiyuu Awards.
  • New anime from Kamachi.


  • Sayo Yamamoto works on prison school anime in some capacity (storyboards, ED)
  • Dorohedoro anime project announced
  • At least one monstergirl harem anime airs this year
  • Teppu anime announced
  • A new Sword Art Online anime confirmed
  • Another nostalgic old manga that started in the 1980s gets a new anime greenlit – not counting jojo sequels
  • Gatou Asou does character designs for a newly announced project
  • Nozaki kun s2 announced
  • Ajin anime announced

Helltilt: 6/9

  • Rewrite anime directed by Tensho
  • Prism Nana anime announcement by SHAFT
  • Saki sequel
  • Monogatari series third season announcement
  • New Game! anime announcement
  • Mushoku Tensei anime announcement
  • Gochiusa s2
  • Original anime about Babymetal by Mizushima Seiji
  • Accel World by Studio 8


  • Vocaloid song/series 告白実行委員会 anime announced already has two animated shorts and a full seiyuu cast.
  • Kancolle vol 1 to sell over 10000 copies on its first week Kancolle prints money so I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen. The OP and all the PVs have been ranking super well on nico, so it’s probably a safe bet to think it’s going to translate in sales.
  • Super Danganronpa 2 anime announced the fujoshi are out to get us (hardmode: soraru to sing the OP)
  • Tsukihime announcement by ufotable towards the end of the year #believe #tsukihimeremake2015 #meltybloodhd
  • Rewrite adaption to be finally announced this year
  • Monster Musume Iru no Nichijou OVA/anime announcement Monster Musume themes are getting a decent amount of attention these days, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a thing.
  • Amaburi movie announcement why not
  • Chihayafuru S3 here’s to more wishful thinking
  • Ishizuka Atsuko to direct another LN adaption


  • New Love Live anime of some sort
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi V1 sells over 5k discs
  • Saki Zenkoku-hen Anime part 2 does not air in 2015
  • Saki Shinohayu anime announced
  • Citrus anime adaption
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Innocent anime adaption
  • Kizumonogatari given a release date sometime in 2015 (release date itself not necessarily in 2015)
  • New Neptunia anime project
  • Kancolle anime breaks 20k average sales


  • Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 3 announced I had this last year, I will have it again. The franchise was popular even if the staff complained that it was hard to work on.
  • Hataraku Maosama season 2 announced This show was very well received and quite popular to boot, I never understood why it never got a sequel. I’m told there is enough new material to adapt into a second season as well.
  • A Tiger & Bunny continuation I expected a sequel after last year’s 2nd movie, but we’ve heard no word. Whether it is another set of movies or a new series, something has to show up, right?
  • Masami Obari makes a new anime OP Practically a free bingo point. If this doesn’t happen I will eat my hat.
  • Kim Lives!! – He comes out of the Sunrise dungeon and finally works on something!
  • Kou Matsuo directs some show It’s been a while since Valvrave ended. It’s time he directed something once again!
  • Gundam The Origin v1 BD/DVD sales surpasses 150k I’m only saying this under the assumption it will do as well as Unicorn did.
  • Iwao Teraoka storyboards the BFT Finale. – My 2nd cheapo bingo point.
  • My Hero Academia Anime announced This is a long shot, but I could see an announcement towards the end of the year.


  • Some sort of teaser that the Love Live x Idolm@ster fighting game will happen from ArcSys or French Bread
  • Nana Mizuki will sing the opening of Symphogear S3
  • Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Vol 1 sells over 8k discs
  • Fate/stay night UBW 2nd-cour will end with UBW True End
  • White Fox will put at least 2 filler original episodes in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz
  • ufotable’s God Eater anime adaptation will have a Kalafina song somewhere in it
  • New Project Valkyrie news
  • Hiroyuki Sawano is once again composing for a futuristic show (outside of A/Z 2nd-cour) that involves mechs in some way, shape, or form
  • A new season of Accel World announced before 2015 is over


  • Vol.1 of a BONES anime sells over 10k copies
  • “Ajin – Demi-Human” gets TV anime
  • “One-Punch Man” gets TV anime
  • Noragami season 2 announced
  • Another director leaves Toei
  • Kenji Nagasaki directs an anime at BONES
  • Pacific Rim anime details unveiled
  • Dai Sato writes a new late night anime
  • JoJo’s Diamond Is Unbreakable anime announced


  • Anime adaptation for Phantom World announced. – Can I ‘jinx’ this for two whole years? Maybe.
  • We’ll get an actual date for Kizumonogatari. hashtag believe
  • At least one Matsu-class destroyer added in Kancolle. Just because historically they sucked it doesn’t mean they can’t get a cute girl form.
  • Fate UBW to have the best selling first volume of every show started in fall 2014. – you don’t say dot jpeg
  • GARO’s first volume sells less than 1frt (883 copies) on its first week. Fractale is outselling a lot of shows recently. Yamakan’s revenge.
  • More Mahouka anime announced. In the name of the Tatsuya, of the Shiba, and the Holy Imouto, amen.
  • Another Crossange/Akame/Valvrave-style creepy rape show. – Maybe just Crossange 2: Ange of the Rebellion? Who knows.
  • Nachi gets a second remodel in Kancolle
  • Eromanga-sensei or whatever the new thing from the Oreimo dude gets an anime. Can’t stop the imouto train

hacaplus:  1/9

  • Shirobako ends with Tarou pitching his idea for an anime he likes to call “Fractale.” This is the perfect jumping-off point for the eventual spin-off, Kurobako, telling the story of Tarou’s quest to save a dying industry with his brilliance. (“Fractale” as in フラクテイル, not フラクタル, or something else that allows it to be more readily identified as Fractale.)
  • That Nemuri-hime segment from the Idolmaster movie is adapted in some form. As much as I’d like to have 13 episodes of chuuni idol goodness, that’s probably not going to happen; I’ll have to settle for an OVA of some kind. Hell, I’ll settle for a longer trailer. Anything.
  • By the end of its run, Yuri Bear Storm is revealed to be about Russian cosmonauts and the space race, buried deep within thick layers of symbolism. The cosmonauts themselves may or may not be lesbian bear creatures who kiss, that much is beyond even my powers of prediction.
  • Yamakan, The Man, The Myth, The Legend Himself, saves anime once again by announcing that he will be co-directing the long-awaited Kizumonogatari. This announcement will be met with only the most raucous applause and fanfare. Hang on to your hats, kids, it’s finally happening. I can feel it.
  • SoniAni is brought back for another glorious twelve episodes. Or thirteen. Or, you know, at all. Please. Please, Silver Fox.
  • No shows with LN-esque titles are announced. This is to say that every show announced this year will have a title that doesn’t take an entire sentence or phrase to say. (If this is too vague, let’s say that there won’t be any anime with a title longer than five words, excluding subtitles.)
  • Hayao Miyazaki realizes that moe anime is in fact the future of the medium, and thus announces that the next Ghibli movie will be about high school girls who are also little sisters who are also childhood friends and idols. They might be maids, too, but I don’t think Miyazaki himself is prepared to take that next step.
  • The new Wake Up, Girls! movie is critically lauded, breaking box office records on opening weekend. This spurs Yamakan to submit the film to be considered for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
  • There will be another non-Idolmaster mobage adaptation, following in Bahamut’s footsteps. It might or might not be good, but it will have little sisters who aren’t related to the main character by blood.


  • Anime based on Escape Speed novels to be announced
  • KanColle anime vol1 to sell over 20 000 units after the first week
  • Anime based on Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu to be announced
  • No Kizumonogatari in 2015
  • More anime based on Gokukoku no Brynhildr to be announced
  • More Saki/Shinohayu anime to be announced
  • Anime based on One Punch Man to be announced
  • A Yuasa Masaaki-directed anime to be announced
  • Anime based on Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou to be announced


  • Mondaiji s2
  • WashioSumi wa Yuusha de Aru anime
  • Shinohayu anime
  • Seitokai tantei kirika anime
  • Shinozaki-san ki o ota shika ni anime
  • 剣神の継承者 anime
  • Kyoukaisen s3
  • 氷結鏡界のエデン anime
  • 盾の勇者の成り上がり anime


  • YUYUSHIKI S2 NO EVENT GOOD LIFE. I want to believe.
  • Koufuku Graffiti s2 shinbo wants another hidamari sketch, by god let’s give it to him, stock be damned
  • More nisekoi (s3? More ova?)the train never ends
  • Free! movie let’s goooo
  • Hakoiri Drops anime I figure I’m obliged to put this one on despite fairly low chances
  • More Hayate Anime all hope is lost. tear down the machine
  • Year ends with no date for weva 3.0+1.0=4.0 just what you’d expect from the master, mr. anno
  • Year ends with no date for kizumonogatari these wounds they will not heal
  • Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry anime in keeping with the spirit of tradition, I closed my eyes and picked a light novel with a bad ruby reading as the last word from the ga bunko site. I literally have no idea if this already had an anime announced or not


  • My kingdom for a White Album 2 sequel in any form
  • Sangatsuの adaptation ever
  • Nozaki-kun sequel
  • Boku dake ga Inai Machi
  • Nakamura Ryousuke helming something
  • Something related to Cardcaptor Sakura being animated – I am so sorry
  • Kakukaku Shikajika
  • Taiyou no Ie
  • Fate/Prototype TV series

Magicmew: 5/9

  • Kizumonogatari on theatres imagine the boot of Aniplex stamping Shinbo’s head forever
  • More Madoka anime announced see above
  • Free! movie announced got to keep the fujoshi money rolling
  • Hyouka movie not announced got to keep my tears rolling
  • Eva 4.44 delayed because Anno
  • Nozaki-kun S2 announced amen
  • Shigeyasu Yamauchi will direct a new TV show
  • New BONES mecha show they announced one original show, didn’t they?
  • Hunter x Hunter manga on hiatus throughout the year get better soon Togashi ;.;


  • White Album 2: Closing Chapter gets an anime adaptation there was no announcement last year, so maybe this year will be ホワイトアルバムの季節
  • Kawashima Rino/Misuzawa Kei stars in Sakurai Hikaru’s new anime almost a given considering that she’s appeared in every Steampunk Series title so far, but we’ll see.
  • Sakurai Hikaru’s new anime will be a TV series the C87 announcement said nothing about the format, but I’m hopeful that this will be the case.
  • The Love Live! movie will outperform every theatrical anime release in 2015 gotta get those easy points
  • Urobuchi Gen will be credited in a new project, but will not work on the entire seriesit’s happened for the past two years so it will probably happen again
  • Satou Junichi helms a new anime project – please be Amanchu please be Amanchu please be Amanchu
  • The seventh single + music video of μ’s will be released this year in OVA format just like Music S.T.A.R.T.!! did
  • Ritz takes a hiatus is this even newsworthy anymore?
  • Something, anything about Kizumonogatari is announced this year every goddamn year until it happens


  • Ritz starts a new spinoff because kvin rejected my cool list of 1-9 ritz takes a break and my spirit animal is ritz
  • airco subs Go!Princess Precure from start to finish newsworthy
  • New Atelier anime atelier annie adaptation here we go
  • Some Saki adaptation in 2015 looking forward to biyori flash animay by ordet
  • Someone remembers to make the anime adaptation of William Gibson’s Idoru, the one that was announced in 2006 I hope it’s voiced by hatsoone meeko if it uh ever happens
  • YuriKuma is actually a fucking het anime – while my anime bingo is filled with dumb crackpot shit, this is the only one I WISH to be true because I just want to see fucking butthurt I HATE YURI FANS *this blog does not condone kastel’s pretend-hate of yuri aficionados*
  • New Happy Science film No comment.
  • Persona 4 gets another anime I suggest a dancing all night adaptation
  • Hayao “This Time, I’ll Retire” Miyazaki makes another anime film and isao takahata will never be noticed by america-senpai


  • Monthly shoujo nozaki-kun gets sequel
  • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
  • When Hikaru was on the Earth
  • Iris Zero
  • Ikigami
  • Itoshi no Karin
  • Boku Girl
  • 14-sai no Koi
  • Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata

iblessall: 3/9

  • Urobuchi will actually write a full series (not just get creator credit) before the end of the year Urobuchi’s a writer, right? Eventually, he’s going to get sick of just being a name on a show and actually want to truly create something.
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) will average over 10k/volume Popular mangaka, BONES production values, Matsumoto’s skillful directing? After the financial success of Kyousougiga what could go wro-
  • Kizumonogatari will not be announced The longer they put it off, the more people are going to want it when it does get announced. I’m guessing we won’t get an announcement until the TV series is almost done being animated.
  • Aniplex/SHAFT continue to release Monogatari in single arcs, rather than in a full season Clearly, Hanamonogatari being released as a single arc, rather as part of a season, didn’t really hurt Monogatari’s sales. If Aniplex can continue to replicate that kind of sales success, I think they’ll stick with that model to avoid buyer burnout with consecutive volume releases in a shorter period of time.
  • Love Live! rival group A-RISE will get some sort TV spinoff media (probably a short) μ’s is the cashcow of the Love Live! franchise, but rival group A-RISE is popular in their own right. With the Love Live! TV series finished and a film on the way, A-RISE remains one of the more untapped sources of revenue left in the franchise.
  • The Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game will break 15 million worldwide users I play the game, so I know: it’s fun. I expect its popularity to continue as long as KLab keeps introducing new cards and new songs.
  • Funimation will stream more than 20 simulcasting series in a single season (probably summer) To my chagrin, Funimation seems to be acquiring more and more simulcasts against CR each season. The usually plentiful summer season ought to offer the opportunity for Funi to break the 20 series barrier.
  • Haikyuu!!’s second season will outsell anything else that airs in the same season If Haikyuu!! has the firepower to outsell Free! Eternal Summer, it should be able to beat out anything else that airs, especially since Attack on Titan won’t be returning until 2016.
  • Hataraku Maou-sama! will get its much-deserved second season, but it will be with a studio other than White FoxMight as well keep adding to the wishlist. I know White Fox isn’t Brains Base to be coughing up popular and show that sell well, but this isn’t fun if I don’t add in a few baseless accusations.


  • Dog Days will have a new movie announced third season in the works, seems likely something will follow it, movies are popular these days as followups
  • Another Tales game will have an anime announced plenty to choose from, and they’ve had a few over the past several years, whether or not I care anymore
  • Log Horizon will get a third season I don’t feel that season 2 is going to suffice for completing the story, and popularity is high.
  • Second movie for Love Live! popularity is still marching along in high gear, seems likely enough
  • KyoAni announces a new kinda-but-not-technically BL series like yaoi tennis or something
  • 2015 will end without Oriko Magica getting an anime, still. because suffering. Poor Yuma.
  • Eromanga-sensei manga gets an anime announcement may be jumping the gun a bit, but being authored by the same person who did Oreimo makes it feel very likely
  • Kancolle anime does well (+35k BD/DVD average), more shipgirls announced before the end of the year MILK IT FOR ALL IT’S WORTH
  • Yotsuba&! finally gets an anime announcement YEAH RIGHT LIKE THAT WILL HAPPEN super long shot but hell if everyone hasn’t been waiting for it for years on end, it’s about time for it to come true! (Note I will keep saying this every year until it happens) (I’m going to be old and grey, aren’t I…)


  • Saki Nationals II announcedfor 2016 ;_;
  • Raildex fans won’t be let down again ;_;Index S3 or, less likely, Railgun S3. If, for some reason, it’s another movie, it doesn’t count.
  • Soul Eater remake, FMA:B style
  • Yozakura Quartet S2 please, please, please
  • TWGOK S4 one cour, will cover the rest of the manga, and will be just as painfully rushed as Megami-hen ;_;
  • At least four recap/compilation movies announced specifically, for different series–multiple movies for a single series, à la Titans, only count as one
  • Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria if the final volume is ever released…
  • Someone finally notices Sakurada Reset never happening ;_;
  • More Danganronpa anime either DR/Z or SDR2

zepwich: 2/9

  • Jojo Part 4 Diamond is not Crash will NOT be teased at the end of SDC.
  • Boku no Hero Academia anime adaptation announcement.
  • AKB0048 Final Stage movie announcement.
  • Keiichi Sato will announce a new original work he is directing.
  • Tiger & Bunny S2 is announced, Keiichi Sato will not be involved, Masakazu Katsura will be back for character design.
  • Gothicmade will be released on BD.
  • Due to the success of the Char chapters of the Origin OVAs, the Beltorchika’s Children version of CCA will get an animated project, either OVA or theatrical.
  • The new Legend of Galactic Heroes novel adaptation will switch to CG space battles, the CG director will be Takashi Imanishi.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura remake announced, will air in 2016 for 20th anniversary.


  • Itaoka solo episode in Go! Princess Precure
  • New project by ryochimo
  • Also new project by Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  • One Piece movie in December, with Hiroaki Miyamoto directing
  • Kodai Watanabe will be the character designer for an upcoming Toei series
  • Nozomu Shishido will debut as episode director
  • New Dogakobo project with Masahiko Ota as the director
  • Akifumi Zako will direct a series in 2015
  • Hamano will animate Cure Twinkle’s henshin


  • Sangatsu no Lion anime announced 2013 didn’t deliver, 2014 also didn’t deliver, but I’m not quitting just yet. 3gatsu anime will happen and anime will be saved. Maybe.
  • Ookiku Furikabutte new season announced And if you think 3gatsu’s the only thing that will be saving anime in 2015, think again. Obviously Oofuri will make a glorious return to show all these sports shows how it’s done. Maybe.
  • Mizuki Nana x Takanori Nishikawa (T.M Revolution) relationship/marriage confirmedI’d given up on this too, but then Kouhaku happened and Nana performed next to Takanori wearing a suit that made him look like a fucking Gundam mixed up with Kill la Kill and a bunch of other things. I’m positively sure she’s fallen in love with him now, at least, ’cause how do you resist that? Not to mention Takanori singing Frozen’s Let it Go. The other part’s easy because everyone’s in love with Nana as soon as they’re born, so it’s just a matter of having her return your feelings. And then the ultimate music baby will be born. Hopefully a girl. Who’ll inherit Takanori’s fashion sense. OH GOD.
  • Mitsuru Adachi’s TOUCH to get TV anime remake/rebootThis year I’ve decided to become one with my dreams, and as such this list will be the ultimate wishlist. With MIX doing good numbers and the recent revival phenomenon going on, TOUCH seems like an amazing candidate for a remake. It’d make money, considering how famous it is, and prepare the stage just right for a MIX anime later on.
  • Nana Mizuki and Ayahi Takagaki to have a duet in Symphogear S3 If you don’t watch Symphogear, you’re a bad person who hates fun. But basically, Nana’s character, Tsubasa, used to be part of an idol unit named ‘Zwei Wing’. Her partner was killed, so she’s been going off solo for a while. But now Chris (Ayahi Takagaki) is around and she loves singing, so here’s hoping a new Zwei Wing is born and Nana and Ayahi can bless us with the power of the two best seiyuu anison singers performing together.
  • Aniplex/SME to be king of assholes and assigning someone other than Nana Mizuki/Yukari Tamura for either the Nanoha ViViD OP/ED themes SME is the devil that’s killing anisons so this wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I’m already bracing for a new Aoi Eir clone to emerge and ruin my befriendan songs or something horrible like that. I hope I’m wrong though.
  • New Yasuhiro Irie project announcedI don’t even know what to add anymore because playing it safe is boring, so here we go. Someone give Irie some work because he’s great and I enjoyed Code Breaker due to his involvement, even though the show itself was kinda hilariously bad. Maybe this time around let’s have him work on something good, huh.
  • No Game No Life S2 announcedS1 was pretty fucking great and THIAGO LUCAS-SAMA is a BR BRO so I hope he gets all the money and that Madhouse decides to make more of this, because the show’s a blast. But this is like the new Hataraku Maou, clearly, so while it seems obvious it’s clearly not going to happen. RIP.
  • Girls’ Work still not happening in 2015We’re Type-Moon’ing in great style now, man.


  • Goripon directed Cinderella Girls epThis comes entirely from gut feeling. He may have accomplished his dream of creating a gdlk imas anime, but we can’t let him go to heaven just yet
  • Megumi Kouno to be the AD on multiple Cinderella Girls eps Stealing this one from Sombreros basically, but no one will ever know
  • Masashi Ishihama’s D.back up movie finally happens in 2015
  • The Love Live movie will be focused on oversea shenanigans Some of them graduated so they need to have a graduation trip, and LL devs are aware of how ridiculously popular the show is outwith Japan
  • ufotable’s Heaven’s Feel will be 3 movies at the very least Mainly wishful thinking here, since I’m not entirely sure how it’d go with less than this
  • Hataraku Maou-sama S2 I refuse to believe that the anime elders can sit back and not make more of a show that did well on both BD sales and boosting LN sales fronts
  • More Hidasketch Likely won’t be a TV series, but who knows!
  • White Album 2 Closing Chapter I got screwed over last year, but there’s no way this isn’t happening
  • More Chimoket A TV series would be ideal, but I’ll take another OVA series too.


  • Mahouka season 2 Jesus Beater died when SAO2 ended but an obscure prophecy told us that 3 months later which would be Spring, Jesus-niisama will come back to life with one gun in each of his hand.
  • Sakamoto desu ga? Manga featured in “Kono Manga ga Sugoi” are high likely to be adapted in animation. Though “Sakamoto desu ga?” doesn’t have many volumes, OAV or 3-min TV serie made in horrible flash animation might be possible to be announced…!
  • My wife is Wagatsuma-san Manga ended last year and is enough popular to get an anime announcement to boost its sales. It looks like the perfect timing to me.
  • PSI Kusuo Saiki 2015 is already full of JUMP TV series but they need to think about next year schedule. Long-running gag manga “PSI Kusuo Saiki” is the perfect candidate to get an anime announcement.
  • Bleach is going to end this year, IT MUST END THIS YEAR: anime continuation announcement and manga spin-off in high school romcom settings.
  • Huge EVA-01 statue ala Odaiba’s Gundam RX-78 construction planned
  • Gaijin 3DCG anime “RWBY” is getting a lot of attention lately in Japan to even get an official tribute fanbook in C87. They might announce a 2D anime adaptation by a Japanese studio.
  • Card Captor Sakura Crystal (remake)Madhouse needs money… badly… to make Kon Satoshi’s last movie “Dreaming Machine”; or Masao Maruyama’s gonna seppuku ..or make croquettes for Mizushima forever.
  • One new Idol IPHey guys, Aikatsu, Imas and Love Live are VERY GOOD MONEY. We need to spam MOAR idol animu cuz wealth awaits us. What about adding suffering magical girls and giant robots in the process?


  • Tokyo 7th Sisters gets an anime adaptation greenlit.
  • Idol Chronicle gets an anime adaptation greenlit.
  • Aikatsu S2 finally on Daisuki.
  • Love Live and Aikatsu get a crossover thing (game event, TV special, whatever).
  • Love Live editions of Tamagotchi toys.
  • Love Live S3 announced.
  • Official Bandai idol concert with iDOLM@STER, Love Live, and Aikatsu.
  • Pripara disc sales beat Precure’s.
  • Aikatsu mobage.


  • Third Season of Senki Zesshou Symphogear in Summer 2015
  • First Volume of Kancolle DVD/BD will sell at least 20000 copies
  • Second Series of Cardfight!! Vanguard G in Winter 2016
  • JoJo Part 4-Teasing at the end of Part 3-Anime
  • Heavy Object turns out to be a 2 Cour-Show
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? Second Season Announcement
  • More Hidamari Sketch Anime – at least OVAs
  • No Kizumonogatari in 2015
  • Minamoto-kun Monogatari Anime Announcement


  • New Franchise for girls from Toei
  • New Anime with Umakoshi designs
  • Newly Animated Yuyushiki (like a Special, S2 or anything else)
  • Kyoani makes a new anime with clearly targeting women (like Free!)
  • Studio Colorido makes a theater length film (not a short)
  • Otsuka returns to Precure again
  • Episode 13 of Go! Princess Precure will be a very Sakuga episode
  • Bones LN adaption
  • LWA TV series


  • Gakkou Gurashi features Mimorin
  • Puzzles and Dragons anime announced
  • Tsukihime remake still doesn’t come out/no new details
  • Kyousougiga still isn’t licensed in North America by end of the year
  • The Precure movies make more money than they did in 2014
  • Horimiya TV anime announced
  • Love Live spinoff anime in late 2015
  • Tokyo 7th Sisters anime announced
  • No CCS remake but a new movie


  • Amanchu anime announcement.Every year until it happens.
  • Nagato Yuki-chan anime is a moderate success. (>8k average) It will eventually lead to a Haruhi S3 announcement. #believe
  • A Kantai Collection volume will hit 30k copies sold at some point.Maybe vol1 after week 2 or 3.
  • Yuuki Yuuna will be given some more animated entries. Whether its OVA, movie, or second TV anime season.
  • Wakaki Tamiki will begin serialization again either with a new title or a kaminomi spin-off/sequel
  • Hayate no Gotoku, against all odds will continue getting some form of animated content. – OVAs bundled with manga, new anime season… Something!
  • Kiniro Mosaic season 2 means a 2nd Rhodanthe* concert is imminent.
  • Saki Shinohayu anime is happening. Ritz will never finish working on the nationals ever.
  • Kizumonogatari will NOT come out this year.


  • New anime with designs by Hidari
  • Fate/prototype will get anime adaptation announced
  • Kizumono is dropped in favour of Zaregoto anime
  • Zetsushinkai no Solaris will get anime adaptation announced
  • Baccano! gets a movie, or S2 announced
  • Amanchu anime announcement.
  • Girls’ Work actually gets released #meteorpls
  • Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou gets an anime adaptation announced
  • Horizon S3 #justbeliveinsunrise

delorean: 4/9

  • Announcement of an anime adaptation of JoJo’s Part 4. Seeing as it depends on how well Part 3 sells, and it’s selling well (albeit not strong as the first season), it seems most likely to happen.
  • I don’t know if this is playing safe, but Koutetsujou no Cabaneli will be the trainwreck of the season. It will sell reasonable well, but will receive large criticism from the fandom.
  • A non-Monogatari anime project of Nisio Isin. It could be an original anime or an adaptation of some other novel. Wishing thinking would be Zaregoto, but no way in hell that’s gonna happen.
  • Onepunch-Man anime. That’s basically the “popular shounen from SJ adaptation entry”, but seeing as almost every popular shounen has already an anime underway, OPM seems likely to be the next choice.
  • I’m pretty sure one of those novels about a guy being summoned or reincarnated in another world will get an anime this year. I’ll bet on Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.
  • Ajin anime. – Eh, who knows.
  • An original mahou shoujo-idol hybrid series. Just make it happen already.
  • New trilogy of Berserk movies will be announced.  And they’ll all take place mainly at the boat.
  • Well, this one is almost hopeless, but still worth the shot: Kizu movie will finally come. I mean, Shaft has already adapted almost all the whole damn series. There is no escape now.


  • ELISA will sing OP/ED for two Aniplex anime in 2015
  • Assassination Classroom will get a season 2 announced
  • Mokushiroku Arisu will get an anime announced since all of the writer’s other works have received anime (Seraph of the End)
  • Uta no Prince Sama 3 becomes best selling anime of the year in discs and idol cds team utapri!
  • Nothing’s Carved In Stone returns to the anime song scene, they havent been around since 2013 it seems for anime.
  • My Hero Academia gets an anime announced in the Fall issues of JUMP since someone decided that World Trigger could get one rather fast, and Academia seems to be much more popular than it, I could see it happen.
  • At least three anime will have OP’s done mostly/completely in English the trend for english songs has been rising and it seems to be pretty edgy in JPN. I imagine it will only incease even more.
  • Kingdom get a third season theres tons of chapters unadapted and the manga still sells quite a bit too.
  • Bleach anime continuation is revealed still sells lots of manga volumes and is definitely approaching its end

conan-edw: 3/9

  • Charlotte’s first volume sells 30~40k BD/DVD on its first week
  • New ryochimo project
  • YuruYuri gets new animated content
  • Mitsuo Iso reappears in anime. – Anything. Please.
  • Togashi announces he’ll resume Hunter x Hunter.
  • Sekai Project licenses Muvluv
  • Kizumonogatari announcement of some sort.
  • Atsushi Wakabayashi returns to Naruto.
  • Space Dandy gets a movie


  • New Monogatari anime, but it’s not Kizu
  • D.Gray-man manga is back from hiatus Hoshino-sensei has been periodically updating her instagram since late 2014. I believe she’s preparing for DGM to make a come back this year.
  • More Tokyo Ghoul anime Can be :re or Tokyo Ghoul Jack getting OVA release.
  • Apocalypse no Toride anime announced because everyone likes zombie.
  • Nozaki-kun season 2
  • Horimiya gets a TV series
  • Terra Formars second season
  • Watashi ga Motete Dousunda gets live action or anime adaptation
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall anime adaptation

Ianu: 0/9

  • Miyazaki Hayao animates a cut for Evangelion 3.0+1.0 I guess he’s pretty bored at the moment.
  • Mappa announce an adaptation of Urasawa Naoki’s Pluto Maruyama wants to get at least one last passion project started before he retires or dies, and this is still more likely than Yume Miru Kikai. (Almost wanted to predict a Kickstarter campaign for this, though…)
  • A top 20 animator (going by the number of booru entries for want of a better metric) dies tragically He died doing what he loved the most, drawing little girls’ panties while ignoring the tingling in his left arm.
  • Announcement of Gin no Saji S3 Deai Kotomi’s project for the second half of 2015.
  • Announcement of an adaptation of Sakamoto desu ga? Also comedy of the year.
  • Announcement of an adaptation of Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou It’s due. Possibly mid-level production values at a smaller studio.
  • Announcement of Chihayafuru S3 I knew they probably maxed out the manga sales potential and this goes against the established rules of the business, but the same could have been said about Mushishi S2, probably. There’s always room for projects that are a wee bit less commercially driven, and this will be it.
  • Muramatsu Ken scores another anime soundtrack Might coincide with Matsuo Kou’s next show, which will be of the more subdued kind again.
  • Nagahama Hiroshi at helm of Detroit Metal City S2 I want to believe. He helped make the highly unlikely return of Mushishi happen after all.


  • Obligatory Kizu not happening this year safe bet
  • Horizon s3 just_believe.mp3
  • More Hidamari Sketch
  • 冥闇のケルネテル TV anime this year becomes AOTY, sells like hot pirozhki etc
  • White Album 2 Closing Chapter anime because WINTER COMES AGAIN
  • Rewrite anime adaptation from previous year bingo
  • Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki anime
  • Mahoutsukai no Yoru anime
  • Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou anime


  • Vinland Saga anime
  • More Berserk movies
  • Hero Academia anime
  • One Punch Man anime
  • Uzumaki anime
  • Masaaki Yuasa gets another television anime gig
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable anime
  • Toei will get a property that will piss people off worse than World Trigger
  • FUNimation will announce Neon Genesis Evangelion Blu-Rays in the US for 2016


  • Kizu resurfaces in 2015 doesn’t have to be screened in 2015, could just be a new PV, an announcement for a release date, anything at all.
  • Igarashi will direct at least one episode of Kekkai Sensen
  • Gatchaman S2 will have similar scheduling problems to S1 Don’t know how to quantify this beyond multiple ADs/SBs in the later episodes and changes on the Blu Ray
  • Katabuchi’s film at MAPPA finally gets a proper trailer
  • Harmony pushed back to 2016 Doubtful that all three Itoh films will screen this year and Harmony is likely to be the fanciest
  • Cinderella Girls won’t sell as well as Season 1 It’ll print money, but not as much
  • Noragami Season 2 there’s more material to adapt, S1 was fairly successful, seems like a safe bet
  • Bluejacket Lupin will have a solo KA episode and everyone will ask where the budget went
  • Science Saru for 2016’s Anime Mirai

korol: 2/9

  • A second Aikatsu movie is announced
  • Toei does something special for Doremi’s 16th anniversary
  • Shin-Ei will adapt another comedy
  • Akito part three doesn’t get released this year
  • A non-monogatari Nisio Isin work gets adapted
  • Pierrot to animate a mahou shoujo anime
  • The next Jewelpet anime will be a direct sequel to Lady Jewelpet please no
  • Urobuchi’s name is used for advertising on at least two projects that he isn’t really involved with
  • Kizumonogatari is announced for a winter release, but subsequently delayed


  • No kizu news this year free points as far as i’m concerned
  • Entirely new kishi show will disappoint as usual
  • Tsuriotsu anime this one’s for luna-sama
  • Announcement of a 2014 eroge adaptation not counting four rhythm. please be astralair
  • Sakurai hikaru anime to be officially announced might be a-1 since takeuchi worked the most on sao? i dunno
  • NINJA SLAYER to (not) outsell every(any)thing (<1k vol1) sad but true
  • New gagaga ln adaptation kemonogari or sareryuu
  • Imas cg to be top seller of its season i believe in you kouno-san ;_;
  • An old classic manga (+20 years) will get a new tv series – level e and parasyte happened so hey


  • A new work by studio comet that isn’t related to jewelpet
  • The next season of Jewelpet will be nothing like Lady and go back to crazy comedy
  • New Tribe anime in some shape or form (specials count) after the show finishes its run
  • Members of the group BEEF OR CHICKEN OR FISH AND CHIPS (also known as dragon dining) will appear at least 3 more times in pripara
  • The next aikatsu season will once again star at least 2 or more characters from s1-s2
  • New velonica anime in some shape or form
  • New anime with character designs by ishikawa tetsuya
  • Funassy appears in an anime again
  • More shirobako

ZakuAbumi: 5/9

  • More Terra Formars anime (S2)  There’s an event scheduled for April and the timing for a continuation might be a great fit with Stardust Crusaders ending. Plus, they gave it a special cliffhanger post-ending segment that could have easily been removed. Here’s me speculating this was planned to get 2 seasons from the very beginning due to the manga’s popularity because the anime’s sales and the little manga boost sure as fuck wouldn’t get us anything
  • Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou manga to get an anime –  There was an official question time thingy on what people would like to get included in case it got an anime. Plus, something monster girl boom something. It’ll probably the second coming of WataMote anyway and sell like shit but I don’t care.
  • Death Parade to sell less than 1500 combined units in its first week We can’t have nice things after all! Also, now I can be pre-butthurt and feel entitled about it!
  • Apocalypse Alice anime Probably ~way~ too soon for that and I haven’t seen it rank but kvin’s going to pester me about how my list is cheap otherwise. Takaya titles receiving anime adaptations though isn’t an exception so at least there’s that, although the structure of the novel is severely working against me here.
  • More Bahamut anime Might be a movie actually but the way things ended really totally hinted at some kind of continuation. MAPPA’s still busy with Garo though + there’s Punchline and their classic thingy for Spring (maybe?), so I expect an announcement towards the end of the year if at all
  • More Mahouka Too soon? History goes to show that betting on LN continuations this early in, even with some good sales taken into account, is a rather risky undertaking, but this & Saki have some possibilities and we want to spare kvin from Achiga-hen II and… give him Mahouka instead. Oh, well. Can’t win ’em all!
  • Ajin Anime It’s bound to happen eventually. This might be the year for it.
  • More Yozakura Quartet anime Betting on TWGoK and Yakuindomo gave me points and this is just like them as in that there’s stuff and it keeps happening (except TWGoK stopped doing that but shaddup~), so here we go
  • Anime project/planning that’s been on hiatus – f.i. Savanna Game, PLUTO, Dream Machine, Despera – to resume I know this is rather vague but also a risky bet and I’m sure there’s stuff we all want to see, plus, as the prior round went to show, I’m the guy with good karma, so noone should complain


  • Despite being fairly close to the end of the story, the Naruto TV anime will *not* complete by the end of the year
  • Furthermore, they’ll have announced the animated adaption of whatever sequel project Kishimoto is working on by then
  • Anime adaptation of ShiroColle
  • A full series for an Animator Expo short
  • New Kawamori TV show
  • SHAFT acknowledges Kizu’s existence but still doesn’t release it in 2015
  • Rather than the Kill Me Baby or Yuyushiki we’re looking for we unexpectedly get more Aiura
  • Yet another Kuroshitsuji anime
  • Cute girls anime about Tea Ceremony


  • Jojo Part 4 Anime announced at Jump Festa. Part 3 was announced in the same fashion the year the first season ended.
  • Rolling Girls becomes a scheduling trainwreck despite strong start. – Sakuga Houkai!!! While I want to believe that it will keep being good I’m scared.
  • Death Parade sells over 5k copies. PLSSSSSSSSSSS
  • Mitsuo Iso does Key Animation on at least 1 project. – Giovanni’s Island last year gives me hope.
  • Norio Wakamoto appears in more than 1 anime this year. Pretty damn sure he’s only in Utapri and that’s a maybe.
  • At least 1 anime touted with Urobuchi as series creator despite being uninvolved. The hot new meme in the anime industry.
  • Jojo BD release in the US. It’s going to happen.
  • Cross Ange continues to outsell G-Reco, Tomino commits ritual suicide. Get G-Rekt nerds.
  • Kizumonogatari split into several films. It’s still vaporware so who cares.


  • Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel anime movie adaptation will be in multiple partslike Kara no Kyoukai
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun second season announced
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? second season announced
  • Gundam Build Fighters third season announced
  • New Mach GoGoGo (Speed Racer) project announced
  • Puzzle & Dragons anime project announced
  • One Punch-Man anime adaptation announced
  • Sakamoto desu ga? anime adaptation announced
  • Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! anime adaptation announced


  • Urobuchi does a thing But actually does it, series composition and some episode writing required
  • Nitro+ thing in some capacity other than Urobuchi doing original work. Must be significant in some way, something as small as “Chaika OVA announced” doesn’t count simply because a Nitro+ guy did the character designs.
  • Madoka Magica thing announced. Could be a new anime, new game, new manga (except for something running in the anthology), etc.
  • Meteor Hoshizora working on a new thing. Could be a Girls Work announcement, could be something else.
  • New adaptation of a Shuzo Oshimi work announced
  • Aoi Yuki gets a new starring role in some anime obviously currently running stuff doesn’t count
  • Some gender bending or cross dressing themed anime gets announced
  • Ojimajo 5 gets to expand outside of drama CDs. If it overcomes the odds and gets an anime, this counts seperately from #7.
  • Kizumonogatari announcement


  • Crunchyroll hits half a million subscribers
  • Free! movie announced
  • Oremonogatari gets a live-action movie
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun season 2 announced. The manga also gets licensed in R1.
  • One of the spinoff properties of Attack on Titan gets an anime TV series or OVA/ONA announced
  • A non-BL otome game (e.g. Starry Sky or whatever) gets announced by an R1 visual novel distributor like JAST or Sekai Project.
  • IDOLM@STER Side M anime project (but not necessarily TV anime) announced
  • A new non-sequel clearly female-oriented TV anime breaks 10k per-volume sales so not just UtaPri 3
  • A new original anime TV series or full-length film is successfully Kickstarted The goal isn’t for the entire production costs, only a fraction of it. The rest is to be funded through other means.

Andrea Ritsu: 1/9

  • No Game No Life to have a second season announced
  • Gatchaman Crowds Insight to get one BD box instead of single BD volumes
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun to have a second season announced
  • Love Live movie to be delayed from its Early Summer release
  • KanColle anime to have a second season announced
  • Lupin III’s 2015 anime to be a two-cour series
  • Sunrise to announce a new non-Gundam mecha series
  • Citrus by Saburouta gets an anime adaptation announced
  • A Shin Megami Tensei branded game gets an anime adaptation announced

Funk: 1/9

  • SHAFT make SZS Final, which goes on to be their biggest selling production of all time.
  • Drunk on money and alcohol, Anno sees how far he can push Eva fans by turning 4.0 into a 90m remake of the Jet Alone episode. Eva fans miss the irony and buy it by the thousand.
  • KyoAni miss a deadline and instead air 24 minutes unedited footage of their cat sleeping. The DVD sells in the tens of thousands and the cat begins a moderately successful idol career.
  • Sugita and Kobayashi announce their engagement, which turns out to be an elaborate publicity stunt to sell Gintama BDs. It works.
  • MGS5 gets an anime tie-in produced by 4*C. Hideo Kojima insists on voicing every character personally. BDs sell in the millions outside of Japan.
  • Funimation fuck up the encode of YuriKuma’s final episode so badly that it plays nothing but a black screen with an occasional burst of static. The majority of fans hail Ikuhara’s bold directional abilities.
  • Yuasa Masaaki retires from the industry, announcing that he finally owns all the hats he has ever desired and thus no longer has any reason to work. He leaves Japan that night and is never heard from again.
  • The midseason new Cure in Go! Princess revealed to be Wakamoto, playing himself. The show ends one episode later as the council of evil decide to try taking over an easier planet.
  • Hirohashi Ryou has more than 6 lines of voice work.

CRAL: 4/9

  • Dangan Ronpa 2 Hopefully with less Kishi this time
  • Fukumoto series anime adaptation Kaiji S3? Something else?
  • Sakamoto desu ga adaptation – Though a little early with only 3 volumes (4 later this year)
  • Gatchaman Crowds Insight in summer
  • Tiger & Bunny BD box My wallet is yours, Bandai
  • Little Witch Academia 2 gets finished
  • Sushio works on an Animator Expo short It’s already full of Gainax people, he’s bound to show up somewhere
  • Kizu shows lifesigns No premiere this year though
  • At least one new chapter of HxH gets published Then then hiatus returns


  • TBS will produce an original anime They mostly fund adaptations, some original anime for a change please
  • The next Jewelpet will be HD Yes, it’s about time for Jewelpet to get released from the curse of being a shitty 480i crossconverted disaster. Literally the only anime left. Say no to animebullying.
  • Mahouka s2 announced It was received pretty well? Anyway ONIISAMA DEMANDS MORE ANIME. They don’t want to go agains his will
  • Yukari Tamura and Horie Yui will have a date togheter at Disneyland and post pics on twitter Both said they wanted to go to Disneyland with friends. They’re friends. Nana is way too busy with work and tours. It might happen.
  • Hadaka Shitsuji ero Anime Because why not
  • 白の皇国物語 will get an anime Another oretuee LN that with the protag trying to become a fucking Emperor with his own harem of girls. Need to fill the saturday oretuee slot with new things.
  • Railgun s3 announced Please stop with the trolls ;; . It will come. Eventually.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha FORCE anime announced After seeing that they decided to move and start animating more Nanoha, i think it’s only natural that Force will be announced either at the end of ViVid or at least within the year. PLEASE MORE NANOHA.
  • Takaratomy will launch another pretty rythm related franchise after pripara. Pripara as good as it might be is completely overshadowed by Aikatsu. Either a bad choice or they just came in late. After the anime ends I can’t see them keeping it and going on with more.


  • Kizumonogatari :^)
  • News about SAO III, which should be Alicization
  • Maou na Ore to Fushihime anime as trashy LN adaptation of the year
  • Fate/Heaven’s Wheel airing Summer 2015
  • Kancolle BD Vol.1 tops charts
  • Kamisama no Iutoori anime announced
  • Yamakan saves anime again in 2015
  • Imouto Senbatsu☆Sousenkyo anime adaptation Blame Hibari for this
  • Mondaiji S2please mondaiji please mondaiji please.


  • Strike Witches season 3 will star the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, not the main cast from previous seasons The 501st has their time to shine, but I think we’ll get a new cast this time around.
  • Winter series excluded, a series starring mostly girls in the main cast will sell more than 20k each volume this year We’ve been getting a lot of popular new (and old) IPs like this, and I’m guessing there’s going to be more.
  • Gakkou Gurashi will be animated by Dogakobo Because that would be really nice.
  • New Game! will have an anime announced It’s pretty popular, only a matter of time now
  • Kodoku no Naka no Watashi anime announcement Manga Time Kirara gets more and more anime these days, and I for one am not complaining.
  • A yuri light novel will have an anime announcement When was the last time this happened? I think it might have been awhile. Well, with any luck it will.
  • Prism Nana anime is happening Any day now.
  • Romeo Tanaka will be related to an anime announcement, either writing for the anime or it being an adaptation of something he worked on VN writers seem to be branching into anime more often these days, and Romeo has already had some of his properties adapted. And no Seiji Kishi this time, please?
  • Horizon Season 3 announcement I will never give up hope

Kaw: 2/9

  • Rewrite gets an anime adaptation
  • Accel World gets a second season
  • Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou gets an anime adaptation
  • Kizumonogatari airs as an end-of-the-year special like Nekomonogatari and Tsukimonogatari
  • Planet Valkyrie anime airs by the end of the year
  • Black Bullet gets a second season
  • Otoyomegatari anime announced
  • Saya no Uta anime announced
  • Diamond is Unbreakable adaptation hinted in last episode of Stardust Crusaders


  • A new project based on a work by Ryukishi07 launches
  • At least one original show about anthropomorphized war machines spawns
  • More anime written or based on a work by Ryohgo Narita
  • The Raildex anime comes back and it is Index’s turn
  • More Shin Megami Tensei anime – this includes the spin-offs *cough*Persona*cough*
  • SHAFT will have a couple of shows airing at the same time again, further destroying their already poor production
  • Kizumonogatari exists again, but we don’t get a real date
  • No more Monogatari full seasons, only single arcs get animated excluding Kizumonogatari in case it actually exists
  • ryo-timo comes back as a series director please let our lord bless us once again with sakuga pantsu


  • Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin anime It got 2nd place in Kono Ranobe 2014 so why not.
  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime And another LN because why the hell not
  • Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu anime AND ANOTHER
  • Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku anime Perhaps a bit early, but there are already those Shaft PVs.
  • Hakoiri Drops anime Obligatory Kirara adapation. But I hope I’m wrong and it’s actually Yuyushiki S2. That or New Game, but I’m taking a risk and assuming New Game won’t be announced until 2016.
  • New Game! anime Actually let’s be safe and put it in anyway.
  • Hibike! Euphonium becomes pretty popular and averages at least 20k
  • Neither Kizumonogatari nor Girls Work air in 2015 No bingo list complete without ’em.
  • Charlotte anime will be 2 cour Aniplex claims they learned something from Angel Beats, let’s see if it’s true.


  • No tsukiuta anime update for this year they announced it just recently during agf last year but since they’ll still doing their monthly song releases that should kept them busy for this year (unless they forced their way through but that’s a small possibility)
  • CCS anime remaster bluray  we have the manga re-release in plan so possible? I doubt there’ll be a reboot since there’s a lot alrd (does clamp disliked being mainstream? who knows)
  • Ufotable forgot girls work exists for this year… at least
  • Kizu update for fall season I wanted to be pessimistic and saying no kizu for this year but let’s try to believe this time
  • Bungou Stray Dogs anime greenlit this is likely impossible but since the franchise is starting to grow on japan well.. there’s a chance
  • No more new US LN licenses in 2015
  • Warubure bd release for first week will be lower than 3K this is basically to make me believe petit milady could save a show, yeah, the 3K belonged to their fans
  • Durarara!!x2 shou first bd is the best selling 1st vol bds out of all winter show (inb4 kancolle) even though the predictions were low I have faith… or not as long the rolling girls keeps their consistency
  • Index S3 greenlit last year was a miss but maybe this year?


  • Naruto Shippuden will end in the fall
  • Sayo Yamamoto will direct the Prison School anime
  • Pluto anime by MAPPA
  • New Urobutcher show for spring will have only have 2 or 3 episodes actually written by him
  • SMC won’t get a second season
  • Digimon Tri will actually look decent somehow
  • Toei will once again work on an insane number of projects for the year (8 new shows in 2015 like in 2014)
  • Rin-ne anime will barely have any effect on manga sales
  • Shokugeki no Soma will be the big JUMP adaption for the year rather than Seraph of the End


  • Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou anime
  • JC Staff animates a new Key project that airs in summer
  • Chihayafuru season 3 announced
  • Girls Work stays dead
  • Fans demand more Full Metal Panic, Kyoani laughs and announces K-ON! season 3
  • Sailor Moon Crystal’s last BD volume sells under 1,000 units its first week
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo gets another season because what else is GoHands supposed to do
  • Go! Princess Precure! will be licensed for simulcasting
  • Aiura OVA, it’s the best we’re getting


  • Seiji Kishi will be involved in at least two more anime projects After jinxing him being on noitaminA, I want to see if these powers are real
  • Yurikuma sells less than Penguindrum
  • BL anime that isn’t related to Shungiku Nakamura
  • Bee Train and Koichi Mashimo return from the land of obscurity to work on an anime project Because Kishi being everywhere isn’t enough
  • Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai anime
  • Natsuki Hanae wins a Seiyu Award
  • More Yasuda designs animated
  • Maousama season 2
  • Oofuri season 3 never


  • Shokugeki no Soma will be the highest selling anime from Spring 14
  • A sequel to the Bleach anime will be announced by year end.
  • A second season or split-cour of Assassins Classroom will be announced.
  • Aldnoah Zero S2 won’t sell as well as Aldnoah season 1. (<6k)
  • A second season of Yamada-kun and the 7 witches will be announced.
  • Himouto! Umaru-chan will air in Fall.
  • A UQ Holder! anime will be announced.
  • A Monogatari series that is not Kizumonogatari will be announced.


  • Funimation overhauls simulcast site so it is a standalone portal It’s just lacking in several areas. If I was bold enough I’d even go as far as predict a corporate restructure to better focus on streaming side. Unfortunately I’m not sure if that prediction can be verified. The long view is that how FUNi handles those growing pains will largely determine the marketplace for simulcast in the west for the near-to-mid future. The short view was I tried a number of basic things with FUNi’s service, including upgrading and changing billing, and it didn’t work. Their customer service kind of made me run around and I just didn’t have the time or patience for it.
  • IM@S Million Live anime project announced Just a blind guess, well, it’s 33/33/33% between this, a theatrical project for 765pro and/or CG.
  • AniplexUSA hosts another proper “anime” event in the USA Shoo-in I think…unless AX management implodes.
  • More full-CG anime projects will be announced in 2015 than 2014 Probably shoo-in as well… Too lazy to count the number of TV/movies (to set a parameter) in 2014 but there were more than just a couple. I guess to make it clear, it’s about announcing. Some projects may be full 3DCG but they don’t say it off the bat? It’s not easy to measure.
  • Cross Ange will add one more big-name seiyuu yet to be revealed before it’s over.
  • There will be more crowdfunded anime and manga in 2015 than 2014 Super easy shoo-in, so for bonus round, let’s say 35% or more.
  • Comic Market 88 will not be as full as 87 but 89 will break the record again Guessing by people’s general reaction to 87, as well as expected works available
  • Original anime projects will increase in 2015. I think part of it has to do with continuation of original projects, that supplement an expected number of original projects that debut every year. In cases like Fate UBW I don’t really know if you can count it as original or adaptation even if it is on paper an adaptation, given the amount of work the original creator has put into the anime. I think those kinds of projects will increase in number in the next few years.
  • I’m out of ideas, so jokes time: No Full Metal Panic anime adaptation announced in 2015.


  • iM@S sideM anime
  • Boku Girl anime
  • Nakamura Ryousuke directs a new TV series
  • Hatakeyama Mamoru directs a new TV series
  • Ooshima Michiru composes the OST for a new TV series
  • The fall Nichigo show isn’t Haikyuu!! S2 I sure hope I get that one wrong
  • Kekkai Sensen vol. 1 sells below 2k (BD+DVD) 1st week SORRY MATSUMOTO
  • SNAFU S2 outsells S1 only works if unambiguous, no event ticket tricks
  • The Mizushimas openly announce their relationship and their baby will be prettier than TMR and Nana’s

Nainko: 6/9

  • New Shinkai film Let’s start off with a point
  • God Eater will debut in Summer/Fall 2015 – Fall is way more likely
  • Girls’ Work won’t happen ufotable have their hands full with Fate/Stay Night UBW and might want to line Heaven’s Feel up with its second cour. Top this off with the first point and go beg Aniplex mama for it to ever ship
  • Kizumonogatari lives – Come on, it has to happen at some point. No actual logic, just wizardry and lots of luck.
  • New Trigger original show – Otonari can manage LWA 2 by himself, let Imaishi and al. get their asses to work and deliver good pieces of (CG) animation;
  • Masahiro Ando to direct and/or storyboard a Nanatsu no Taizai episode He has to repay favors, I guess, and Under the Dog is due in a year;
  • Yoru no Yatterman’s sales to average at least twice as many units per volume as YZQ: Hana no Uta did ‘Cause webgen guys deserve it;
  • Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou: Not happening. ;_; The light novel sells very well and the drama did great on Fuji TV, but despite that, it won’t happen because if it ever had to, I’m sure it’d be as a noitaminA series, which is full for this year round;
  • Hataraku Maou-sama! S2 PLEASE!


  • Oishi lives I’m sick of predicting Kizu, so. And after Imamura rose from the grave last year, this has to be Oishi’s year. Knowing my luck, though, get ready for Kizu without Oishi.
  • The year of the eroge writer – Shows written by current or ex-eroge writers have started becoming sort of A Thing lately, so I’ll say we’ll get at least five this year.
  • Ishihama will helm another series It’s time.
  • Umetsu continues to go through his purification rite by appearing in at least three shows
  • Gintama will return to Golden And probably joke about it on the show because that’s what Gintama does.
  • Non Non Biyori Repeat to air in Spring And have a nano.RIPE song because anything else would just be wrong, come on.
  • Horiguchi will return on Euphonium Well.
  • Horizon S3 You were all wrong last year. 2015 is it.
  • 魔技科の剣士と召喚魔王 I ran out of things and whatever the fuck this is, it ticks all the boxes.

Some dumb guy2/9

  • Citrus anime announced, any format
  • New original yuri show
  • New Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime
  • Hataraku Maou-sama! season 2 announced
  • Free! movie announced
  • BREETSCHLAG anime announced
  • More Kantai Collection anime announced
  • New Love Live! anime announced 
  • Horiguchi comes back to anime


  • No Kizumonogatari in 2015
  • But we get the adaptation of the rest of Final Season
  • Next adaptation of Kamachi’s work announced
  • New adaptation of Reki’s works announced
  • Ero Manga Sensei gets adaptation announced
  • No Game No Life S2 announced
  • Ajin anime announced
  • Boku no Hero Academia anime announced
  • New manga in the Naruto setting


  • “Dance in the Vampire Bund” getting a second season.
  • “Spice and Wolf” getting a third season.
  • “Evangelion :||” NOT being postponed again alright if this doesn’t count I guess I’ll vote for it actually BEING postponed again
  • “Hoshi no Samidare” getting an anime.
  • “Saya no Uta” getting an anime too.
  • “Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel” announced to be a full series instead of a film.
  • “Tsukihime” finally getting an anime by Ufotable.
  • “Zaregoto” getting an anime by Shaft (oh shit this might actually turn out to be true).
  • “Muv-Luv” getting an actual full anime adaptation, probably by Ufotable.

Kaisos The Late Dude Holy Crap How Slow: 2/9

  • Charlotte to sell over 10k. – It’ll suck at least as much as Angel Beats though.
  • Yuki-chan anime to have at least a cameo appearance of Sasaki, a character from late in both the original and this series.
  • Rewrite anime announced. I know I do this one every year but VA actually brought it up recently so
  • Nozaki-kun second season! Because it’s what we want, what we deserve.
  • This is a no-brainer but they’ll probably announce Monogatari Series Third Season pretty soon and yeah I figured might as well.
  • Tsukasa Fujimi’s new LN will get an anime. You know the one. Because we also deserve to suffer.
  • Speaking of porn, Minamoto-kun Monogatari adaptation! I mean, fuck, we have pornier shit airing right now
  • Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou adaptation. It’s a webnovel like SAO, it seems popular, and above all else it’s one of those “Japanese high schoolers dropped into fantasyland” things that are big lately, so why not put it on the list, right
  • Onii-sama, You’ve Made The Impossible Possible Once Again season 2 because also suffering. True suffering.

Tursake: 3/9

  • Ozawa Ari wins best new actress
  • Eva BD licensed by Funi
  • Tatsuya Oishi directs a new anime at Shaft and it’s not Kizu
  • Still no word of Girls’ Work
  • Eromanga Sensei anime revealed
  • Sejoon Kim comes back to our dimension
  • New Nakamura & Hosoi non-OP/ED project
  • New original anime from Mamoru Hatakeyama revealed
  • Build Fighters season 3 revealed


  • A Full Metal Panic! sequel is not happening I have learned that sometimes you just have to move on… it’s good for the mind.
  • Kizumonogatari is something that finally does happen and/or is announced in 2015 and we are totally not jinxing it
  • If you are going to keep making idol shows, at least give me that AKB49 anime that I’ve been asking for years It’s the only thing that has idols that I have honestly liked.
  • Kancole beats Deremas in sales
  • Accel World gets season 2 I know Studio 8 will never give me more Horizon but if Kawahara shows are still getting made at least have them make more of this lesser, severely underrated (for a Kawahara story) series.
  • Onii-sama returns for a season 2 Praise The Mahoukadude.
  • Ritz takes yet another hiatus I love it when Ritz goes on a hiatus. Every time she does it, she draws even bigger breasts after coming back.
  • New Monogatari series (not Kizu) is announced Hopefully they keep getting made until I finally watch one where Ougi dies a gruesome death.
  • JoJo Part 4 DOESN’T get announced this year It doesn’t matter if they tease it at the end of Part 3, announcement still won’t happen this year.


  • New Madoka Magica anime (TV, OVA, or movie) announced
  • New yuri TV series announcedunambiguous involving main characters like Sakura Trick, Yurikuma Arashi or Sasameki Koto, not, say Gochiusa or Railgun
  • New yuyuyu-related anime announced
  • Kancolle sells over 40k in first 2 weeks
  • Aikatsu s4 announced – this is my freebie
  • Still no actual release date for Kizumonogatari by end of the year
  • Symphogear season 3 contains lesbian kiss for ‘established’ couple from s1 or s2
  • Tokyo 7th Sisters anime announced
  • My-HiME reboot announced

kViN: 5/9

  • Kizumonogatari shows life signs in 2015 Well.
  • Girls und Panzer bluray box solicited Not to keep recycling but come on Bandai, you even have the movie as an excuse. I’m trying to give you money yet you won’t take it.
  • BREETSCHLAG serialization Likely not a TV anime quite yet since Dogakobo’s got quite a lot coming up, but it’s obvious they intend to push the franchise as some sort of cross-media property. I’m morbidly curious about it since they announced Nitro+’s involvement, it no longer will be the whacky magical girls series I wanted but I want to check it out either way. So get on that, even if it’s only a manga/novel to start with.
  • Plastic Memories manages to reunite the Love Lab sakuga gang (Nakajima, Nonaka, Watanabe…) Going with washi’s selection since they more or less were the animation soul of the project. Not exactly likely since Oshima and Nonaka have their Tensho duties on both Grisaia and KinMosa, and Nishii’s likely still busy with KimiUso. I want to believe though, it’s been a while since they had a mind boggling series animation-wise and I hope Nakajima’s comeback manages it.
  • More animated Saki Manabu Ono hinted on twitter that he had something to reveal next spring and that always means it could be more Saki anime… but chances aren’t that high. The much anticipated second half of Zenkoku-hen can’t happen quite yet because Ritz isn’t even close to finishing the semis, Shinohayu’s still too early on to be animated (and might never be, since it’s shaping up to be a long series), and who knows if the silly 4koma is getting any more animated content. But being a Saki fan is hoping against all odds so here I am expecting more.
  • Ryousuke Nakamura directs a new anime It’s been 2 years already, and as much as I like his OP/ED direction I’d rather have a full series. Or movie. I’d do with an OVA. Just give me something. I know he’s got plans with Hosoi, so here’s hoping it comes through.
  • The Hikaru Sakurai x Takeuchi project teased at Comiket comes to fruition in a format longer than an animated short It sounds like the last thing someone would want to fund, but come on, it’s easily one of the most exciting upcoming ideas in the industry. Asking for a TV anime might be too much, but an OVA/not full-length film would be excellent.
  • The Winter season of 2015 outsells Winter 2014 without even counting Kancolle – sales predictions are a bit of a pain since they have to be related to pretty immediate shows to fit within Bingo, which means people this year have defaulted to Kancolle sales predictions – and those are boring! We all know the show’s going to sell a lot even if it doesn’t set new records, so I’d like to pretend it doesn’t exist and hope every other show beats the underwhelming previous winter. Probably depends on Cinderella Girls’ performance, and whether or not there’s a dark horse this season (which sure as hell hasn’t shown up yet).
  • Boku to Kanojo no Game Sensou anime I do this thing every year in which I add the first LN Amazon.jp recommends me in my Bingo list. I never know what they’re actually about but it always seems to work. The only thing I recognize about this one is the artist and that’s because they make famous porn. Errr, someone else told me that. Yeah.

Well, this year looks like a lot more fun. Less obvious big titles upcoming, so somehow Monster Musume ended up being the most anticipated anime adaptation, followed by the still very early but obviously a potential hit Hero Academia. The Kizu rate is off the roof, but most people have switched to predicting it won’t happen. That aside though, a lot of variety! A bunch of series are present in multiple lists but not massively, and cute romance series like Horimiya and Taiyou no Ie are aplenty. Crappy LNs appear in many lists too, but the lack of a huge series with crushing anime potential also caused more variety in that regard. People don’t know what to expect and that’s great!

By popular demand, here’s a more in-depth look at the most expected upcoming anime:


  1. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun S2 ~ 12
  2. Toaru Majutsu no Index S3 ~ 7
  3. Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon S3 ~ 7
  4. Saki sequel ~ 7
  5. Free! Movie ~ 6
  6. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Diamond is Unbreakable ~ 6
  7. Mahouka Season 2 ~ 6
  8. White Album 2 Closing Chapter ~ 5

New Series

  1. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou ~ 8
  2. One Punch Man ~ 4
  3. Horimiya TV anime ~ 4
  4. Taiyou no Ie ~ 4
  5. Eromanga-sensei ~ 4
  6. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari ~ 4