There is no better way to celebrate the year is ending than giving closure to the most glamurous anime contest on the internet. Aside from all the much better ways, I mean.

  • Sphere is that idol unit that is so anime Sunrise made a show about them. And they did it again. People predict weird things and they end up happening.
  • The much beloved Koe no Katachi manga is getting an anime movie, if you hadn’t heard about tha- oh my god sorry.
  • People keep yelling at KyoAni to either make sequels to titles they don’t own or to let other studios do it, and the latter is more or less happening. I’m sure Haruhi fans will be overjoyed seeing a spinoff animated by Satelight.
  • Lots of people seemed to want a Rewrite adaptation, and while that isn’t happening there’s going to be more KEY anime in the form of another Aniplex x Maeda x P.A. Works collaboration. Apparently Angel Beats wasn’t enough to ban such a thing.
  • As usual, tons of “X thing will/will not happen by the end of the year! People have correctly guessed 2014 would bring us no Kizumonogatari, FMP, Kizumonogatari, Rewrite, Kizumonogatari or Kizumonogatari. Did I mention lots of people said there would be no Kizumonogatari? (Y’all jerks.)

Final Scoreboard:

8 points: ZakuAbumi

7 points: opn

6 points: Kraker2k, CRAL

5 points: Hibari, Soulstride, Kaese, geso, kViN

4 points: Hitokiri, Good_Haro, jonjonaug, processr, el bitmapo

3 points: timbama, sage, Futsuu, hacaplus, Scamp, Disgaeafart, Glorious Tast, Fencedude, master of dice, Aura

2 points: Fuyu, Xillin Arneth, Cloudenvy, dumbkastel the third, deepbluejeer, Blue-kun, Reki

1 point: Feez, Game8910, Aorulucca, Vylash, Kaisos

This year the predictions have mostly moved from big light novel series to manga, kinda following industry trends and because there happened to be a bunch of incredible popular manga that were perfect adaptation targets. We’ll see what happens next year, now that the WSJ well is running dry. I don’t plan on changing rules much for next year, but maybe I’ll be a bit harsher on the not-really-announced-but-might-as-well front, since the two leading lists played it very safe and that just isn’t as amusing. As usual you can start sending me your ballots at mawapen at gmail dot com, on twitter or anywhere you know you can find me. A proper post launching Anime Bingo 2015 will go up soon, so don’t worry about that.

And to congratulate ZakuAbumi on his victory, here’s a pic from that lesbian killers show he likes! Until next year.