Months with barely any news make my job painless but also very boring, please bring on the cartoons.

  • Here’s the story: To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Toaru Majutsu no Index’s launch, Dengeki kept teasing big news – and they delivered! An anime adaptation for Heavy Object, an entirely different series by the same writer. The announcement lead to many fans crying and half of Anime Bingo being wrong since everyone predicted Index S3 or another variant of Raildex instead. Congrats to Scamp, the only one who managed to call this.
  • A chinese streaming site leaked that Grisaia’s ~24 eps, meaning it’s split cours and Tensho isn’t getting a break between this and Kinmosa 2.

8 points: ZakuAbumi

6 points: opn

5 points: Kraker2k, kViN

4 points: Soulstrider, Hibari, geso, Hitokiri, CRAL

3 points: jonjonaug, timbama, Good Haro, sage, Futsuu, el bitmapo, processr, Kaese

2 points: Fuyu, hacaplus, Xillin Arneth, Glorious Toast, Disgaealad, Cloudenvy, Aura, dumbkastel the third, Scamp

1 point: Feez, Fencedude, master of dice, Game8910, Aorulucca, deepbluejeer, Reki, Vylash