Post slightly delayed because I wanted to wait until Comiket was over, so it obviously turned out to have no announcements relevant to anyone’s lists.

7 points: ZakuAbumi

6 points: opn

5 points: Kraker2k

4 points: Soulstrider, Hibari, geso, Hitokiri, kViN

3 points: jonjonaug, timbama, Good Haro, CRAL, sage, Futsuu, el bitmapo

2 points: Fuyu, processr, hacaplus, Xillin Arneth, Kaese, Glorious Toast, Disgaealad

1 point: Scamp, Cloudenvy, Feez, kastupid, Fencedude, master of dice, Game8910, Aorulucca, deepbluejeer, Reki, Vylash, Aura