Less stuff this month after the crazy March/April, but some big news anyway.

Congrats to ZakuAbumi for being the first person to reach 5 points with a cheapass list. This contest’s arbitrary rules say you win the first part of it! Now we’ll have to see who got the most guesses right by the end of the year.

5 points: ZakuAbumi

4 points: Soulstrider, kraker2k

3 points: opn, jonjonaug, Futsuu, geso, kViN

2 points: Hibari, timbama, processr, hacaplus, Xillin Arneth, CRAL, Good Haro

1 point: Dis-chan, Cloudenvy, Feez, kastupid, Glorious Toast, Fencedude, Hitokiri, Aorulucca, bitmap, Kaese, deepbluejeer