The most exciting contest of the year [citation needed] is finally over, mostly because the year is. Quite a strong way to end too, with everyone’s favorite show coming back.

Final Scoreboard:

6 points: kViN

5 points: Hitokiri, Fencedude

4 points: sage, opn, inaki, Blue-kun, Fungi

3 points: dumbkastel, Futsuu, kraker2k, irrevilent, ZakuAbumi, Kaisos, Disgaeamad

2 points: Xillin Arneth, resoni, violaxcore, Vylash, herkz

1 point: Tinky, goldensneer, Reki, Qx

0 points: deepbluejeer, niki

What have we learnt here? The key to victory is being vague and just naming random light novels. So we’ve learnt nothing. All that matters is your luck when choosing what rumors to believe, and that’s what makes this whole thing fun. Throwing in some wild dream of yours and then getting a point out of it is also quite rewarding, so I hope people keep doing it next year. I’ll put up a proper post tomorrow explaining the rule changes, but you can start sending your Anime Bingo 2014 lists to mawapen at or whatever place you know you can contact me at already. For the most part it’ll be the same, I’m just thinking of extending the first part of the contest to 5 right guesses since we did 3 too fast.
That said, congratulations to Kastel for winning the first half! And to the wonderful individual who runs the contest for winning at the end!

I swear I didn’t cheat.