The double curse has been broken. What’s next, announcements for more tanks or Imamura’s glorious comeback?

  • There was a title present in 7 lists. About 90% of the blog hits in this blog where people asking when it would get an anime adaptation. As far as I’m concerned it was funnier when we had it jinxed, but there you have your damn Mahouka. +1 points to half the people in this contest.
  • This one was “only” on 4 lists, and no people were wondering when it’d happen. I assume that is because we all just sort of assumed Jojo Part 3 was getting animated. And it is. +1 points to the other half of the people here.

5 points: kViN

4 points: Hitokiri, sage, opn

3 points: dumbkastel, Futsuu, Fencedude, inaki, Blue-kun, kraker2k

2 points: ZakuAbumi, Disgaeamad, Xillin Arneth, Fungi, resoni, irrevilent

1 point: Tinky, herkz, Vylash, goldensneer, violaxcore, Reki, Kaisos