I heard the person behind this contest is now leading the scoreboard, I bet he rigged it.

  • As if to shut up the rumors about Rie Matsumoto leaving Toei, Kyousogiga finally got a full TV series. An excellent addition to the SAKUGA FALL lineup and first point for violaxcore!
  • Media Factory decided to throw a bunch of their light novels off a cliff to see if any of them floated, resulting in Madan no Ou to Senki getting an anime . Couldn’t be any more appropriate, since it’s a title Amazon’s random recommendations picked for me.
  • Also part of the MF craze is Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, meaning that sage gets his second point in an equally lucky way.
  • In a pretty funny PR disaster that ended with the magazine that was supposed to reveal the news asking people to remove pictures from the internet, D-Frag’s anime adaptation was finally announced. Yay for me and everyone who enjoys wacky comedies in general.
  • Bones and Bandai Visual must have realized Space Dandy was the worst secret and finally launched the project, so Reki gets his first point as well.

5 points: kViN

4 points: Hitokiri

3 points: dumbkastel, Futsuu, opn, Fencedude

2 points: kraker2k, ZakuAbumi, Blue-kun, Disgaeamad, sage

1 point: Inaki, irrevilent, Tinky, herkz, Fungi, Xillin Arneth, Vylash, goldensneer, violaxcore, Reki