Slightly delayed edition. Mostly because I knew announcements that were featured in many lists were about to hit.

  • To the surprise of no human being with a functional brain, we’re getting more tanks. Congratulations to everyone who put it on the list, except the ones who specified the format as a second season and got boned. If there’s a lesson to be learned here is that if you want to be right, be as vague as possible.
  • Blue-kun, and generally anyone with exquisite taste, have a reason to be happy with the new Natsume OAD. Now where’s our next full season?
  • About as unsurprising as the Garupan announcement and present in as many lists, Nisekoi’s anime adaptation. Looks we didn’t jinx this one.

3 points: dumbkastel, kViN

2 points: Futsuu, Hitokiri, kraker2k, ZakuAbumi, Blue-kun, Opn

1 point: Disgaeamad, inaki, irrevilent, Tinky, herkz, Fungi, Xillin Arneth, Vylash