This is not slowing down anytime soon, it seems:

  • Just a couple days after dumbkastel got his third right guess and thus won the first part of the contest, an adaptation of Kyoukai no Kanata was confirmed, giving Blue-kun his first point and my third one. A bit too late there, KyoAni.
  • New contestants are starting strong. So strong that Disgaeamad managed to score a point before his list even went up due to the White Album 2 anime announcement.
  • Same case for Opn, who miraculously sneaked in the LB: Refrain guess before it was confirmed by the last episode of the series.

3 points: dumbkastel, kViN

2 points: Futsuu, Hitokiri, kraker2k, ZakuAbumi

1 point: Blue-kun, Disgaeamad, inaki, irrevilent, Opn, Tinky