As much as I wish it was, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Several people had victory within their grasp and the monster of anime news that is Anime Contents Expo unfairly decided that it was dumbkastel who deserved the victory. He’s acknowledged it was all guesswork so I ask of you not to congratulate him. We even suspect him of being a time traveler since that’s the easiest way to cheat here.

Jokes aside, I never expected this contest to be over so fast. 69 days have been enough to net us 14 right guesses and even allowing someone to win, despite several contestants taking this as a joke. Seeing how well it’s going I’ve decided that wrapping it up now would be a waste, so it’s time to start the Part 2 of Anime Bingo. The rules are simple, the person who predicts the most announcements by the end of the year will win. Considering there are many conjectures along the lines of “X won’t be announced/will be delayed further than this year”, that’s got to give a fair chance to everybody. And seeing as how there’s some people interested, yes, new submissions are allowed. You can join the game now if you missed the first deadline. You’ll be up against peole who already have some points but that’s the way it goes! I think one more week should be enough, sosend your lists to mawapen at gmail dot com or wherever else you find me at before April 7 8pm GMT.

Congratulations, dumbkastel! And good luck to everyone but him in the second half of Anime Bingo 2013!