Like all good initiatives in life, this idea was born from stupid Twitter conversations. The plan is as follows: each participant will send their list with 9 predictions (since a full 25 slots bingo would be too much of a stretch) and the first person to get 3 of them right will win this absolutely pointless game. While NOT required, short write-ups detailing your reasoning are encouraged so you can show off in the case you guess correctly. Out of consideration to those poor souls who feel like doing some actual research, and slow folks in general, the deadline will be in about one week at this point: email your lists to mawapen at their before January the 20th 22:00 GMT / 17:00 EST / 14:00 PST.


  • Anything qualifies as long as it’s related to anime and newsworthy. New anime announcements are going to populate everyone’s lists, but anything from “Mizuki Nana to marry Yukari Tamura” to “My little sister is a Zombie becomes this decade’s top seller” is fair game. That includes western news, if they’re remarkable enough (so “Sentai licenses every show of any given season” is a no-go, but “Nozomi to release Utena’s blurays on the US” works). In any case, I’ll email you back if there’s any entry that clearly breaks this rule.
  • The line between rumours and announcements can be quite blurry at times so I’m willing to accept projects that have been confirmed but haven’t officially launched. Those will obviously not count until there’s an actual announcement, be it the launch of an official site or reports by real press (and, as much as ANN might think otherwise, Yaraon is no official source). Again, if there’s anything that goes over the line I’ll contact you and ask for a new prediction.


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